Пакетни цени и промоции за почивка на ХОТЕЛ БЯЛО МОРЕ


       Today village of Banite is the center of the system of settlement with around 2000 citizens, who live in modern high-rise buildings, perched in tiers on the slopes of the picturesque Rhodope branch.
      The resort village of Banite is a starting point for hiking to the beautiful vicinities along the river, for excursions to the sites: BELITE BREZI /32km/; HAYDUSHKI POLYANI /30km/; Rozhen’s peak and the Observatory /15km/; rest house PRESPA /5km/; sites KONNITSITE; the sanctuary of Dionysus of PERPERIKON and the Thracian complex – Tatul.
      To the northeast of the village of Banite rises peak Vezhkata. There are roads from the village to the natural phenomena Marvelous Bridges, Yagodinska cave and the cave DYAVOLSKO GARLO around Trigrad, which catch the interest of many local and foreign tourists.